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This industry is on a steady rise and can be a lot of fun as long as you play responsibly. The best part is, you don’t have to wager a lot of money to get into the action. My son and I have a lot of fun competing against each other with all of the free contest options. Not only are there free games available, there’s also games that you can enter for 25 cents or $1 and they can pay off big if you place high. Most of the daily fantasy sports sites have contests set up specifically for beginners so you can test your skills against other newbies before jumping into contests with the seasoned veterans.

There’s many different types of games you can play such as tournaments, head-to-head, 50/50 (meaning you only have to place in the top have to win), winner take all and more. Just choose your sport of interest (NBA, NHL, NFL, Soccer, MLB, Nascar, MMA and more!)

So enough sitting on the sidelines…get into the game and show off your daily fantasy sports knowledge with any one of these great offers…


NFL $1M Play-Action [$1 Million Guaranteed]

Enter the $1M NFL Play-Action for a shot to win the $100,000 top prize. This contest is FREE with your first deposit!


NBA $275K Sharpshooter [$275,000 Guaranteed]

This 105417-player contest features $275,000.00 in total prizes and pays out the top 21185 finishing positions. First place wins $20,000.00. FREE for new players.
NBA $300K SHARPSHOOTER - Daily Fantasy Sports


NHL $45K Sniper [$45,000 Guaranteed]

This 17241-player contest features $45,000.00 in total prizes and pays out the top 3525 finishing positions. First place wins $3,000.00. FREE for new players.
NHL $42.5K SNIPER - Daily Fantasy SportsNHL $42.5K SNIPER - Daily Fantasy Sports

Be sure to check out each of the daily fantasy sports individual pages for the latest promotions and contests. Also, be sure and check out the great feature of suggested lineups/most popular players for whatever sport you’re interested in.

As I mentioned before, these contests can be a lot of fun and to protect your right to play daily fantasy sports, FanDuel has started a petition you can sign to show your support. Click here to sign the petition.

Obviously, be careful of how much you are wagering and if you play the contests where there is an entry fee, just be responsible (especially if you have a family and experience the type of bills I do). If you do have a problem, please contact Gamblers Anonymous and get the help you need.

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